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The Concubine – Chapter 2 (English Version)

Truthfully, Athena doesn’t really need to give the necklace to anyone; he didn’t have to give it even to his queen if he’ll have one in the future. If he hasn’t found anyone who he had really fallen in love with or simply if he didn’t want to be tied to someone. The young Meth can keep the necklace to himself and live freely without the need to give his heart to anybody.

The Concubine © Lee Sunmiina

Chapter 2

Genre : Romance – Fantasy

Rating : PG-15

Disclaimer : I have the story and KyuMin belongs to each other ^^v

Thanks for for translating my story and for beta-ed my story :3

Chapter 1


“Min, it’s late, let’s get going now.” Jaejoong quickly threw his basket, and helped Sungmin to get back on his feet.

“Wook, you too.” Jaejoong said in his soft voice. He spoke like nothing unusual happened. Not minding the two Meth in front of him, Jaejoong tried his best to keep calm and remain composed.

Sungmin and Ryeowook quickly obeyed, with shaking legs, they started to walk. And just when Sungmin took another step, two strong hands stopped him.

“So, this is the beauty you have been hiding all this time…Jaejoong?”

Sungmin shook violently when those big hands caressed his face. He looked to his elder brother with tear-stained eyes. He wanted to rebel, but one of the warriors held his arms tightly, preventing him from any possible movement. It wasn’t a hard thing for Meth to do such things, their stealth features were enough, it’s even possible him to smash Sungmin’s arms by his bare hands.

Jaejoong froze on his spot. It seemed like the air had stopped circulating around him, that he felt like suffocating. Still, he urged himself to stand there and be strong, for his brother. No one can take Sungmin away from him. Not now!

“Joon, Yoon…I beg you –please let my brother go. I’ve been chosen… We’ve agreed about it, right?” Jaejoong held up both his hand, surrendering himself in exchange for both warriors to let his brother go.

“Furthermore, Sungmin is sixteen…he’s underage.”

Hearing that, both Meth’s warrior automatically exchanged glances to one another. Their forehead creased before they laughed out loud, as if Jaejoong’s words were the funniest joke they’ve ever heard.

“This is your punishment. How dare you hide this boy for all this years! Do you think we wouldn’t know?” Joon spoke with a mimic expression.

“B- but-“ Jaejoong lost his words. Where did they learn about Sungmin? He hid and took care of his brother with precaution. They aren’t supposed to know.

“It’s been decided, we will take him.” Yoon’s hand sneakily moved to Sungmin’s waist and with a swift gesture, he had the unfortunate young boy in his embrace, carrying him in bridal style.

Jaejoong was on his move to stop both Meth warriors, but Yoon beat him to it with threatening words.

“If you dare to protest, we definitely won’t hesitate to take this sweet little boy too, Jae.” Yoon threatened as his eyes lingered to Ryeowook’s little frame, making the said boy to cringe and take a few steps back.

Jaejoong got down on his knees. He lost. Helplessly, he just stared as those two Meth warriors simply vanished in the darkness, with his brother- Sungmin. He can’t believe that he was defeated before his war began.


Sungmin carefully rubbed the bruises and small cuts on his arms and body. There are other bruises and cuts on his bum and thigh, and in the corner of his lips too. Each of them were new, he could still feel the sting and hurt everytime he would unconsciously touch them. Most of the bruises came from the caretaker of Terran’s descendant – during the first week when he was brought there.

The main rule in this place was, each and every candidate of Surrogacy needs to be bathed by the appointed caretaker. In order to get rid of all those dirt and germs that might have been brought from the low district where they came from. One thing that Sungmin didn’t expect was the harsh treatment he would get from those Terran ladies. They were brushing, rubbing and washing his soft delicate skin roughly, almost causing his tender skin to peel off.

Sungmin didn’t understand, why those caretaker need to hate all the surrogacy candidates. They’ve muttered the words on how they Terran were carrying an awful blood and that’s why they’ve been given the task to clean them. Aren’t they Terrans too?

And the other surrogacy candidates…

Sungmin couldn’t understand the look he’s been receiving from them, piercing and scrutinizing. None of those surrogacy candidates ever talk to him. Men and women. Some of them even dare to hurt and hit him openly. Simply slapping, hitting or pushing him for no reason at all. Whether it was because they’re trying to let loose their own feeling of anger or maybe they’re just jealous of him, he couldn’t fathom.

Because of those cuts, Sungmin was sleepless during the first week of his arrival at the place. With bruises and red marring marks all over his body, Sungmin would just curl into a ball in his bed – crying and weeping while calling his brother’s name. For a month, he had been away. During the sixteen years of his life, never for once had he been away from his other six brothers.

Sungmin looked up at the trees and the beautiful garden around him, filling his vision. And surrounding them was a highly-built huge wall, encircling the quarantine house. Preventing any of them from running away. Keeping him away from his brothers…

Sungmin was lost in thoughts…

What did Jaejoong cook for today? What could have Hyukkie been doing?

He laughed softly, Henry and Taemin would surely be in another argument, bickering, from the important thing down to nothing. Kibum might be cleaning the house while yelling at Henry for not helping. Aish, what trouble could his little Mochi have done this time?

And Ryeowook…


Ryeowook must be lonely there. He doesn’t have me anymore, who will he play with?

Sungmin was biting his bottom lip, trying his best to hold himself from crying, but still, those crystalline drops fell from his beautiful round eyes. Rolling down on his cheeks, damping his milky white skin.

Sungmin brought both his legs up on the bench, before he held them close to his chest, til he was able to bury his head on his knees. After a few moments, he started to sob. He seemed to be emotional these days, ever since he was left alone. It seemed like the burden on his shoulder was doubling, and it’s getting heavier when he sees those hateful eyes from the other residents in the quarantine house.

Now that Sungmin is on his own, there are no more places for him to lean on or play with, to cry on or laugh with. Sungmin realized he really is alone.

Without him noticing, someone approached, and sat closer to his side. The person looked at him with sympathy and somehow, curiosity.

“Hey… why don’t you get along with the others?”

Sungmin was startled as his ears caught those words. Shock was an understatement when he saw the young man who sat by his side – a young Meth, smiling with a glint of pity in his eyes, Sungmin stared deeply into those green eyes that belonged to the young Meth. He doesn’t care anymore, he’s been figured. And now it’s too late for him to hide the color of his eyes.

And just as he predicted, the green eyes that stared at him, widened in astonishment.

“Oh…wow!” The young Meth continued looking deep into Sungmin’s eyes, stunned and disbelief were in his face. It was his first time seeing such eye-color that is so –dark. “Now I know why you couldn’t get along with the others.” The young Meth laughed bluntly, his pity towards the other increased, knowing how broken and lost the man was.

Sungmin shrunk slightly. The young Meth’s big built and sharp look had reminded him of the night when he was being taken away from his family. It’s still vivid in his mind, the rough treatment those Meth warriors gave him when they took him to this place. It won’t be easy for him to forget.

The young Meth simply rubbed his forehead.

“What is it? Is there something on my face?” The young Meth asked whilst pointing out his face. “Or maybe, I’m too good looking?” He joked before he laughed on his own words. Seriously, he meant no harm. He was just- interested with this particular beautiful young Terran.

Sungmin shrunk again, those hurtful memories spinning around in his mind.

Those rough grips from the powerful hands of Meth, the intimidating stares from those sharp eyes and their deep and thundering voices, everything were too clear in his mind; and the young Meth who was sitting by his side now was unconsciously evoking all those hurtful memories with his deep voice, his sharp eyes and his big tough built body.

Sungmin can’t help himself as his body slowly moved backward, creating a gap between him and the young Meth.

“Hey, what’s wrong? I don’t look scary, do I?” The young Meth joked again, feighning a hurt expression on his face.

Sungmin shook his head quickly. His lips trembled as he tried to hold his tears back. In his frightened state, and those awful memories, he was unable to catch the friendly tone on the young Meth’s voice. What he could hear was those thundering voice from those Meth warriors, the yelling and cursing from the other Terrans in that place.

Sungmin continued moving backwards till he was at the edge of the bench without even realizing, and it almost made him lose balance.

“Watch out!” The young Meth abruptly caught Sungmin’s small frame before he fell on the ground. His right hand was on Sungmin’s waist while the other was securedly set on the man’s shoulder.

The young Meth froze in his act. His face was just a centimeter away from the young Terran’s face, and from up-close, he found his sharp eyes very magnificent. On every side and corner and down to the depth of those dark eyes. The young Meth almost kissed those plump pouty lips if it weren’t for the cry that came out of those tempting lips.

The young Meth quickly and carefully guided Sungmin back on his seat. For a moment there, the young Meth remembered his strength and worried if Sungmin was hurt with his grip.

Sungmin cried again the moment those large hands caressed his arms.

“W- why? Did I hurt you?” The young meth asked in panic.

Sungmin shook his head, the tresses of his hair moving along with his head, giving way to have his bruises and rashes exposed around his neck.

Noticing the bruises on sungmin’s neck, the young Meth was caught on shock.

“For the Valar!” He called in shock and pulled Sungmin’s arms in order to get a better access, making it possible for him to find more bruises on the shoulders and back of the young Terran.

“Who did it? The caretakers or the guards?”

Sungmin shrunk and didn’t answer. Deep in his heart, there was this soft voice that whispered to him, encouraging him to trust this young Meth, yet, there’s still a part of him reminding that every Meth was scary.

“Why don’t you answer?” The young Meth gently lifted Sungmin’s face, before he brushed the white porcelain face gently, filled with care. “Let me guess…” He whispered as his eyes shut close, his fingers continued on brushing the tender skin as he tried his best to read those silent whispers inside Sungmin’s heart.

“It is the caretaker right?” He guessed with confidence. “…and some of the surrogate candidates?”

Sungmin kept being silent, but as he looked deeply into the young Meth’s eyes, the doubt that resided in his chest slowly faded.

“I’ll warn the caretaker and remind the guards to look after you… A case like yours is rare, I didn’t know surrogate candidates would do such things.” The young Meth spoke with care. “Or maybe they’re jealous of you?”

Sungmin didn’t answer. He continued looking deeply over the young Meth’s face. Dashing.

His cheeks automatically heated, and had been tinted with baby pink hues, feeling embarrassed of the thought that crossed his mind. He just can’t help himself from staring at the young Meth’s face.

“Oh? What happened to your face? Does it still hurt?” The young Meth asked worriedly. Sungmin only bowed from embarrassment, and allowed his hand to be held by those large hands. Gradually, he could feel the young Meth’s soft touch calming his senses, he could feel the warmth.

The young Meth fell silent when he heard something, after a while, a smile slowly crept on his thin lips.

He could hear the sound of Sungmin’s heartbeat, and realized that it was different from earlier. This young Terran has started to trust him.

“If you don’t mind, may I know your name?”

Sungmin looked up. For the first time, someone was asking for his name, because nobody did ever since he stayed in this quarantine. His chubby cheeks blushed. “Su- Sungmin.” He whispered before he looked down, shyly.

“Sungmin- Don’t you want to know my name?” The young Meth asked before he winked cutely. Sungmin laughed softly, noticing the act – his first laugh since he was brought to this place. Sungmin nodded enthusiastically. This is for the first time someone was having a coversation with him and surprisingly, he laughed.

“Because nobody is allowed to know my real name, I’ll just tell you my noble name, okay?”

Sungmin nodded again, not really caring whether the name was real or not. What Sungmin wanted, was for him to be able to call this young Meth.

“Athena. Call me Athena.” Said the young man as his finger brushed Sungmin’s soft cheeks carefully.

“A-the-na?” Sungmin parroted, his head tilted to the side in a very cute way.

Noticing the adorable gesture, it’s the young meth’s turned to laugh his heart out. It’s been years he had loitered around the area, but never for once did he meet any surrogate candidate that was able to catch his attention, until now.

“Ah, this…” The young Meth seems to remember something, for years he had been looking for the right person who deserve the special thing.

Sungmin just watched as Athena searched for something inside his robe. When the young Meth found what he looked for, he slowly took it out and placed it around Sungmin’s neck. A liontin, with beautiful gem stones that are green in color, oval-shaped.

Athena stared at the necklace for a while. He then sighed and smiled brightly at Sungmin. “For you…”

Seeing that Sungmin just blinked at him with doubts, the young Meth quickly moved and closed the gap between them, and carefully fastened the liontin in Sungmin’s neck.

“Don’t remove this necklace. It will save you from any bad caretaker or surrogate candidates.” Athena said with a soft smile planted on his thin lips.

Sungmin stared at the beautiful necklace as he held the gems, attracted by the beauty and the sparkle that it displayed. The color green, somehow gave him a warm feeling. He doesn’t know why, but he can feel it. He can sense that the liontin can protect him just like what Athena said.

Sungmin smiled. At least, from this day on, he wont be alone anymore.


“Min, will you be my wife?”

Sungmin buried his face deep into the soft fluffy pillow. His cheeks blushed when he remembered the scene from earlier, that day.

Athena – proposed him!

Sungmin still hasn’t given him an answer, though. Feeling shy with the sudden proposal, he just bowed. And Athena told him that he will wait for the answer. He said he’ll come back tomorrow.

That particular young Meth had always visited Sungmin. Every day, be it morning or afternoon, he always came.

God, he wasn’t even seventeen yet – and they just knew each other for two months. Although it had only been two months, his heart knew that Athena – the kind Meth – is the one. Maybe, Athena could change his cloudy fate of being a surrogate. And even though he won’t become his legitimate wife, at least Sungmin will be able to carry a child from this nice and soft young Meth…Ah…

Sungmin buried his head deeper against his pillow, his face flaming red, because of his wild and malicious imagination. Through getting to know the young meth for two months, Sungmin also came to know about Athena’s kindness. And slowly, he was falling for the softness and kindness that the young Meth was.

Sungmin held the emerald gems that were hung securedly around his neck. And for Sungmin, warmth and calmness was what their shine represented.

Sungmin was caught in confusion when Athena told him about the liontin, about its being a Mate necklace. Sungmin still failed to understand much about what ‘Liontin Mate’ really meant, though Athena had explained a little about it.

Athena was supposed to give the necklace to the one he loves, a symbol of giving out his heart. And apparently, by giving the necklace to Sungmin, it symbolized that the young meth gave his heart to him forever.

Athena also told him that not all Meth possess such kind of necklace, only the certain people who are the noble, men who played important role in their kingdom, someone who could be regarded as an heir.

Sungmin wasn’t really sure whether to feel glad or sad with the honor that Athena has given him.

Was it too fast??

Truthfully, Athena doesn’t really need to give the necklace to anyone; he didn’t have to give it even to his queen if he’ll have one in the future. If he hasn’t found anyone who he had really fallen in love with or simply if he didn’t want to be tied to someone. The young Meth can keep the necklace to himself and live freely without the need to give his heart to anybody.

But Athena did it; he gave the precious necklace to Sungmin – a surrogate candidate – a Terran.

Sungmin was afraid, insecured that Athena would regret his decision in the future, though there’s a part of him that felt contented by having the necklace.

“Hyung…I wont cry anymore.” Sungmin whispered softly, his eyes fixated on the gems, a smile was on his lips. He had always been doing this, talking to the gems as if they were his brother, Jaejoong. As if his Jaejoong hyung could hear him whisper with his soft voice filled with emotions.

“Don’t worry, Athena will look after me.” He whispered again as his grip got tighter, holding the gems like they were his lifeline.

What he couldn’t comprehend though, is why ever since one of the caretakers saw the necklace around his neck, all the caretakers have started to treat him well. There even a time when they stood out and shielded him from the other surrogate candidates that tried to harm him. It’s as if they knew something that Sungmin couldn’t quite figure out, there was something about the necklace.

Maybe Athena was a somebody? It could be possible, seeing the proofs, the caretaker have clearly changed. They became more polite and they treated him like a prince.

Sungmin stared at the gems for the last time. A smile crept on his face, feeling the calming effect and warmth it gave. Sungmin felt like he was seeing Athena’s eyes in the gems; green and sparkling.

Sungmin slowly closed his eyes as his finger continued in rubbing the gems. He would always do that every night before he goes to sleep. The liontin has this ability to calm his heart, thus, making it easier for him to fall asleep.

Usually, Sungmin would be able to fall asleep quickly, but not that particular night. Not when he could hear the thunderous voice outside his room.

Sungmin slowly opened his eyes, feeling annoyed that the loud voice wasn’t even toning down a bit. There must be another surrogate being taken away. These past few nights, there had been one or two surrogate candidates being taken away, which Sungmin didn’t give much attention to. He dosen’t worry since he won’t be taken away this year, he was still an underage, and it was also because of Athena.

His thoughts were interrupted when somebody forcefully pushed his door to open. Commotion started to break, and the worried voices from few of the caretakers reached Sungmin’s ears.

A young Meth got inside Sungmin’s room, face filled with anger and looked like would burst anytime.

Sungmin witnessed when the head of the caretakers came inside his room and bowed to the intruding young Meth, the woman’s face was touching the ground.

“Forgive me, my lord! But this child is still underage, and please, Lord Athena has­-“

“Argh!!” The young Meth mercilessly kicked the middle-aged woman who was at his feet – giving the lady no time to finish her words.

“How dare you! Who’s Athena and who am I, huh?!” The young Meth yelled, causing all the caretakers to flinch and look scared.

“One more word and you know the consequence!”

No one dared to speak. All the caretakers could only exchange their looks to one another, feeling unsure and scared.

Sungmin remained frozen on his bed, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Don’t even dare to step into this room, not until I’m done!”

Sungmin swallowed the thick saliva that had been caught in his throat, feeling tensed when the large arms slammed the door close. Locking the two of them inside the room.

As the young Meth body turned towards him, Sungmin moved backwards – closer to the wall behind him. There was nowhere for him to run, he was trapped inside his room together with this dangerous young Meth. He seemed to be more hot-tempered than all the other Meths that he had encountered.

Sungmin’s body shook in fear as the Meth came closer. All the bad memories he had during the first time he was brought there came into his mind all. The harsh treatment that the two Meth warriors gave him, they came flashing back in his mind.

“Sungmin.” Called the young Meth as his fingers reached down to Sungmin’s beautiful face. Slowly, he led the small frame to lay on the bed, brushing the soft strands of Sungmin’s hair, carefully and with interest. The Meth didn’t even bother that the smaller man was frantic under him, eyes glassy from unshed tears.

The young Meth continued caressing each contour of Sungmin’s face – attracted by the beauty. His hands slipped down to the man’s neck and was caught in surprise when he saw the familiar necklace.

Being gentle was on his mind earlier, but as soon as he saw he the emerald gems that he has known so well… “You’ve been marked?” The young Meth hissed cynically and without warning he abruptly claimed Sungmin’s lips. Crashing it with his own as one of his hands tightly held the gems, gripping the necklace around Sungmin’s neck with vigor.

Tears pooled in the corner of Sungmin’s eyes, there was no use, no matter how hard he tried, hitting, slapping, pushing or gripping the young Meth’s chest, Sungmin’s no match for his strength. The Meth was too big for him to fight.

“You’re mine. I saw you first!” The young Meth hissed as he abused Sungmin’s lips.

The kiss was rough, he was biting and hurting him. And the young Meth just swallowed the metallic taste of blood from Sungmin’s lips. His left hand, pinned both Sungmin’s arms above his head and his right hand held the smaller man’s shoulder down the bed, preventing him from fighting back.

Sungmin tried to kick a few times, but nothing worked. The young Meth seemed unaffected.

Sungmin cried, he wanted to fight back, but in this unfair condition – all he could was to cry.

He swallowed, a tinge of metallic copper and salt lingered in his tongue, as blood mixed with his tears. Why must it end this way? Everything had been planned…Athena…

“A-th-thena-“ Sungmin cried. His vision was blurred by his own tears, that he failed to notice the sapphire blue eyes that flamed with anger right in front of his face.

Anger rose in the other person upon hearing that name come out of Sungmin’s lips. The young Meth’s grip on the gems becoming tightened. The fact that Athena had already touched Sungmin has made him furious. His breath hitched because of anger and frustration. The young Meth had been drowned by his own mixed emotions that he was unconsciously hurting the smaller man under him.

“I’M NOT ATHENA!!” He screamed. In one swift motion and with all his strength, he forcefully pulled the emerald necklace around Sungmin’s neck and threw it on the floor; leaving deep cuts on the man’s neck. And the worse thing is he just left a very deep cut in Sungmin’s heart.

“IT’S ARES! CALL MY NAME!!” he shout angrily, face redden in anger.
Sungmin bit his lips, as he shook and cried in silence. His neck was burning and hurting but the pain can’t be compared with the pang he felt in his chest when he heard the scattering noise of the necklace on the floor. The gems have now been shattered, just like how his heart had been.

Sungmin just kept his silence. He hated himself, he hated that he was weak and being used. Another cry escaped out of his trembling lips when Ares ripped his white garment apart, exposing every inch of his body that was supposed to be Athena’s.

Sungmin shut his eyes tightly, praying and hoping that it was all just a bad dream, a nightmare. With high hopes that when he wakes up in the morning, he’ll be able to hear Athena’s soft knock on his window.

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