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The Concubine – Chapter 1 (English Version)

Sungmin has frequently heard the tale about the world they’re coming from. From those legendary stories that he being fed with when he was little until the numerous gossip that circling around and being kept as their whole secret for human society.

Earth. A destroyed planet from thousands of years ago.

The ConcubineBy : Lee Sunmiina

Disclaimer : The story belong to me and KyuMin belong to each other.

Chapter : 1 (One)
Pairing : None yet.
Genre : Drama – Fantasy
Rating : PG-15
Warning : Mpreg

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The sweet looking young man automatically looked up when a soft scream wass heard, coming from a very young lady. Not far away from him, a beautiful young lady tried her best to protest when she was being drag forcefully by two young Meth’s warriors.

There were few peoples around, but no one ever tried to help. Everyone just kept their silent and watch – including both parents of the unfortunate young lady. The other from her families just let her go with tearful eyes and few of the residents just looked at her, knowing her feeling of sadness.

“Sungmin…stop staring! Don’t let those Meth warriors catch your eyes!” Jaejoong spoke, reminding his young brother. Sungmin fast inclined his brother words, he looked down after taking one final look at the commotion, simply letting his shoulder length black jade hair to cover half of his face—especially his eyes.

‘Starting from today for this year…’ Sungmin thought quietly. There was no one who going to fight. Because after all, this is their vow as Terran, a creature that only being regard as a slave for Meth.

Meth has been nice enough to lend a portion of their land for the human to stay. For the change, human has to pay for it…

by Surrogacy…

The girl behind them was their neighbour, the eldest daughter from the Kim’s family. No one dare to object the Meth warriors decision at the moment they’re coming to choose any girls as the payment prove from the family – towards Meth.

“I didn’t expect it, that Taeyeon has being choosen from the Kim’s family.” A whisper was heard from Sungmin’s side and he slowly turned to face Ryeowook. But, before he was able to comment his brother’s words, Jaejoong already shut them first.

“Sssh! Stop gossiping and proceessing what you’re doing!” Jaejoong hissed between his gritted teeth. He looked on both his younger brothers eyes intently. Afraid, Sungmin and Ryeowook busying their self by planting those small plants to the ground. Next, all these plants will be sell and consumes for their daily needs. But still they’re envy towards Meth’s civilization which are incredibly advance. Yet, human were only able to became farmer or simply help those Meth in order to fulfill their lack.

Never for once ever, anyone from the human descendant is brave enough to fight against their doom fate. They were Terrans, and they still realized their position as immigrant in this land. The ultimate power still behold by the host, the almighty Meth.

“Don’t play around! Hurry up and finish your work, let’s go home afterward! It’s getting darker, we’ll be late!” Jaejoong shouted whilst plucking a few tomatoes and chilies for their dinner.

The other two petite boys just shrugged and kept silent as they listen to their brother whines of regret. Ryeowook didn’t understand on why Jaejoong always makes them as his victims to let go his anger, everytime there is Meth warrior around. Sungmin didn’t understand either. But little that he know…Jaejoong will become restless if they ever find out about Sungmin’s dark black eyes. Iris color that is rare and by words…


In general, human now are having a light blue colors for their eyes. Man or female. Maybe, it was happen at the moment when their ancestors arriving to this planet of Methuselah, either they’re having this light blue eyes since then…

Or maybe it was affected by the weather and effect of their long journey that changed their eyes’s color. A very long journey from a desperate search by their ancestors from their origin planet in order to look out for a decent planet to stay.

Sungmin has frequently heard the tale about the world they’re coming from. From those legendary stories that he being fed with when he was little until the numerous gossip that circling around and being kept as their whole secret for human society.

Earth. A destroyed planet from thousands of years ago.

There were only a few humans those able to last, centuries ago. Until finally, they’ve found this planet. With their unbelievable civilization and hoping that their life will change and turn to prosperity.

But now, human have to face the bitter reality of it.

They might have found a new land to stay, to continue their own civilization. But the situation will never be the same like their history of legendary tale by their ancestors about earth and human past…here in Methuselah, even how beautiful the scenic are, even how peaceful the community is…


…these lands are not theirs…

Sometimes, Jaejoong will tell his little brothers, about their great grand parents and their kin’s that their blood tied with. They were legendary figure from human past. Jaejoong’s believe on those stories that being pass from generation to generation with all his heart. He believed and honored his faith – that he and his brothers were the chosen one. A generation that going to change and turn this doom fate for human which being seen to stay and slave themselves here in Methuselah..

Meth only wants young lady and man with brown orbs. Basically, a young man with brown orbs will be born in a family without daughter. As if, everything was already fated that every family have to sacrifice one of their children to Meth.

But, Jaejoong’s believe was strengthening about the special blood that runs in his veins and his brothers. His believe was rising everytime he looks into his brothers eyes.

Young men with brown eyes have been called special. A fortunate family – some were not – will only has a son with brown eyes. But in his family, everyone of them has being born with beautiful dark brown color eyes – consisting Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Taemin and Kibum except for Sungmin. A perfect sign that show on how perfect and special they are.

Jaejoong just kept it himself. However, he tells it to his little brothers, sometimes. Because after all, in the eyes of Meth- every human are the same.

Terran – a weak creature that will be their slave forever.

Meth wants young ladies to become Breeder or maid for their Offspring. Since the first time human set their foot on this Methuselah land, Meth already face a problem to regenerate their next generation. When their woman are unable to carry their child and die if they even try, because of it, the amount of woman in these lands decreased, almost extinct.

And the arrival of human in these lands was like the best solution that never being expected by Meth. In order to sustain their own generation, the great ruler of Methuselah has set an agreement with human.

They’re allowed to stay in their land, as long as they obeyed and agreed by the law and their different of rank and pay their rent every year – a rent in a form of young lady in age between 16-29 years old.

They will become the surrogate mother for Meth, carrying their Offspring from Meth men.

But how about a family without daughter?

Another wise decision has been decided. For the family without daughter, they have to pay their rent by giving up their son – young man with brown eyes. Another prove of how intelligent the Meth are, because it seems like every family without daughter will unlikely have a son born with a pair of beautiful brown eyes. An eyes color that differentiate their ability from the other human with blue eyes.

What everyone can see from Jaejoong and his brothers, man who borns with brown eyes will definitely have a delicate features, milky white skins, soft voices and beautiful faces– like a woman. Maybe man with brown eyes also carries the woman hormone in their body since they’re also possible to carry the Meth Offspring.

Jaejoong sighed in relief, once he finished his works. Slowly he covered his basket fill with tomatoes and chilies for their dinner with a pair of soft linen.

“Wookie, Minnie…lets go home.” Jaejoong called. The boys just nodded with a smile on their faces as they clap their hands in order to get rid the dust of dirt from their hands before they simply followed their eldest brother step.

Without known by Sungmin, Ryeowook plucked a few small tomatoes with a soft giggle before hide it in his own basket.

Jaejoong leads with concentration, he trying his best to look forward when the area becoming darker. Once the sun was set, the district will become darker. Meth has rejected the idea from them to put on street lamp around the district in order to minimize human activity on the night.

The area has coming back to it peaceful act as the Meth warriors already left with the eldest daughter from Kim’s family. The other neighbours also have going back to their own home. At least those Meth warriors have left and it’s enough for Jaejoong. But then, there is still a hunch of bad feeling reside deep in his heart.

Today is the beginning of month for their rental collection for the year. Meth army will come to every house all around human district to claims their right. And it wasn’t an exceptional for his house too.

But Jaejoong act fast. He already reporting himself to their district authority and offering himself to be choosed as the next surrogate for his family. Meth army already agreed with it, since his reason was concrete – he’s the best candidate for the Lee’s family at the moment to carry the Meth’s Offspring.

Even he will not be able to protect his other five younger brothers anymore, at least Sungmin still will be safe and hidden from the authority.

Jaejoong will open the way for his brothers to start their revolt to claim their human right for Terran. He will leads and let Sungmin to come out when the time is come. Everything has been well planned.

“Stop, Wookie! You going to ruin my shirt!” Sungmin yelled, but it definitely didn’t stop his brother evil plan. Ryeowook still throwing those small little tomatoes towards Sungmin and laugh hard when his throw hit the target very well.

“Aish, I said stop!” Sungmin yelled, followed by a heavy sigh. Ryeowook quickly run for his life when Sungmin started to go after him and tried to catch him. They were laughing in their chase along the road, seemingly like young kids.

Jaejoong didn’t nag the boys this time, when a small smile crept on his own lips. He quietly looked on both his younger brothers. Sungmin and Ryeowook were a twin, born sixteen years ago. Their childish act and baby face sometimes make Jaejoong regret, but at times, it was those two boys who entertain their family when they’re in stress, an act that able to wipe out his tiredness.

“Min! Stop, don’t run like that!” Jaejoong called. The shape of their house already visible in front of his eyes but as he squinted to get a god look of it, there he saw another two foreign shapes that stood front it.

Jaejoong squinted again his eyes to get much better look, doubting it at the first time, but in every step that he took, Jaejoong become sure with who might be those two build bodies are.

Meth Warriors!!

“Min!” Jaejoong screamed in panic, but he was too late, Sungmin and Ryeowook were too far from him to hear.

Sungmin was telling joke to Ryeowook whilst their hands were kept on pinching and tickling the others without looking on his step since the area was too dark until…


“Ouch!” Sungmin yelped, his hands quickly brushed his forehead. His eyes automatically shut with the bulging pain in his head. He must have hit something big! This is all Ryeowook fault!


Sungmin slowly opened his eyes, when Ryeowook kept on pulling his shirt.

“Ouch, I might have a bump on my forehead; this is your entire fault!” Sungmin hissed towards the younger boy but Ryeowook didn’t answer him. Scare was clearly painted on his face, he tilting his head, signaling something for Sungmin to see in front of them.

Sungmin looked forward, towards the thing that Ryeowook has shown him and caugh surprise when he caught four legs, four big legs and it is long. Sungmin slowly looked up, willing himself to face whatever thing in front of him..

Two big built bodies were there, their face were hard with a scrutinizing eyes that looking straightly back towards him. Their ears were sharp and pointy at the end, a different for one and only…


Sungmin just stared without notice, with his eyes were simply round and big, he was too shock to ever remember about his secret of his dark color eyes..

Those two warriors were seems shock, the second they caught Sungmin dark eyes color, before the two of them grinned widely a moment after. Even in the dark, but it never was a cause for them to not notice it, Meth were famous with their sharp eyes, one of their proud ability.

“Min, its late, let’s go!” Jaejoong quickly threw his basket, before helping Sungmin back on his feet.

“Wook, you too.” Jaejoong told with his soft voices, like there is nothing that actually happens, not minding the two Meth in front of him. He tried his best to kept his compose and calm face.

Sungmin and Ryeowook quickly obeyed. They walked off with a shaking step but as Sungmin managed to walk, two strong hands stop him.

“So, this is the beauty you have been hiding all this time…Jaejoong?”



A.n 1 :- Methuselah was actually a name for a man that hold a very long life centuries ago. This name also has being used in Trinity Blood comics, the word was refer for the vampire as Terran was refer for human.

A.n 2 :- In this series Methuselah was a name for a planet and their people was called Meth and Terran was refer to human who came from planet earth when earth was destroyed years ago…

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